Rain Porches And Mermaid Cottages

Here you’ll find the other half of a duplex with Enlisted Mens Mess Hall.  Again located in the quiet, historic Officer’s Row section of North Beach and Ft. Screven. It’s a ground-level delight with a porch that welcomes you home each time you visit.

rain porches tybee tides
This 1930’s pet-friendly cottage has a large fenced yard and a screened front porch. The marsh views are perfect for the marvelous nightly Tybee sunsets.

mermaid guests recommend

These are just a sampling of rain porches and mermaid cottages. You don’t have to wait for the rains to come to enjoy them. Just know you’re in for a very special treat if you’re here when the rainy days, the tin roofs, the porches, the love and the laughter create a truly magical stay for you!

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